TiE Foundation

TiE Foundation is the fund-raising arm of TiE Global. The aim of the foundation is to channel efforts and activities to cultivate entrepreneurship through fund raising activities and campaigns initiated and spearheaded by TiE Foundation.

The TiE Foundation program supports analysis, research and discussion of economic policies of different nations, with a major focus on South Asia. The Foundation seeks tax-deductible contributions through events, direct solicitation, and similar means from individuals and institutions interested in advancing such policies efforts.

For reference, during the previous four years individual TiE Global Charter Members have supported this work at Stanford University under the TiE Global name. The Board of Trustees concluded that this was a valuable effort, consistent with the mission of TiE Global., and must therefore be institutionalized. It is envisaged that the TiE Global Foundation will become a catalyst for enlightened policy changes and economic knowledge transfer, which will aid the cause of entrepreneurs worldwide.

TiE Global undertook a comprehensive seed capital study jointly withStanford University and will advocate policy changes in India. In addition, TiE Foundation has organized several educational and charitable programs and initiatives as outlined below:

Annual Golf Tournament: The Foundation's supporters will be invited to participate in a golf tournament. The one-day event will have two parts, the golf itself and a banquet that includes a silent auction. There will be a basic entry fee for the participants in the range of $350. The Foundation will accept various donations from individuals and organizations in order to conduct the silent auction.

Gala Banquet: The Foundation is planning to launch a Gala Banquet Night by inviting high net-worth individuals to contribute towards the Foundation's charitable and educational purposes. The funds raised from the Gala Banquet will also possibly be contributed towards one or more designated charities who the Foundation is hoping to support through that particular banquet.

Friends of TiE Foundation Program: This program involves a specific targeting of top entrepreneurs worldwide who hopefully are passionate about the Foundation's mission and would like to give back to the worldwide community by funding the Foundation's charitable and educational activities.

General Purpose Fund: The Foundation will always attempt to receive donations from various individuals/organizations who would like to help fund the Foundation's charitable and educational activities. Some of this money will be used to support partners such as the American Red Cross and the American India Foundation in their efforts to raise money for humanitarian support.

TiE Foundation seeks contributions from individuals and institutions, as well as through proceeds collected at events. If you wish to be a well-wisher of TiE Foundation, please contact us at globaladmin@tie.org.